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Using Automatic Memoization as a Software Engineering Tool in Real-World AI Systems

Authors: James Mayfield, Tim Finin, and Marty Hall

Book Title: Eleventh Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications

Date: February 20, 1995

Abstract: Memo functions and memoization are well-known concepts in AI programming. They have been discussed since the sixties and are often used as examples in introductory programming texts. However, the automation of memoization as a practical software engineering tool for AI systems has not received a detailed treatment. This paper describes how automatic memoization can be made viable on a large scale. It points out advantages and uses of automatic memoization not previously described, identifies the components of an automatic memoization facility, enumerates potential memoization failures, and presents a publicly available memoization package (CLAMP) for the Lisp programming language. Experience in applying these techniques in the development of a large planning system is briefly discussed.

Type: InProceedings

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society

Pages: 87-93

Tags: software engineering, programming languages, ai

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