Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services

FaceBlock: Privacy-Aware Pictures for Google Glass

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FaceBlock takes regular pictures taken by your smartphone or Google Glass as input and converts them into Privacy-Aware Pictures. These pictures are generated by using a combination of Face Detection and Face Recognition algorithms. By using FaceBlock, a user can take a picture of herself and specify her policy/rule regarding pictures taken by others (in this case ‘obscure my face in pictures from strangers’). FaceBlock would automatically generate a mathematical representation of face identifier for this picture. Using Bluetooth, FaceBlock can automatically detect and share this policy with Glass users near by. FaceBlock is a proof of concept implementation of a system that can create Privacy-Aware Pictures using smart devices. The pervasiveness of Privacy-Aware Pictures could be a right step towards balancing privacy needs and comfort afforded by technology. Thus, we can get the best out of Wearable technology without being oblivious about the privacy of those around you.

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android, faceblock, google glass, mobile, privacy-aware pictures, wearable technology



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