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Automating Cloud Service Level Agreements using Semantic Technologies

Authors: Karuna Pande Joshi, and Claudia Pearce

Book Title: CLaw Workshop, IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E)

Date: March 12, 2015

Abstract: Cloud related legal documents, like terms of service or customer agreement are usually managed as plain text files. Hence extensive manual effort is required to monitor the cloud service performance by cross referencing the metrics and measures agreed upon in these documents. We have significantly automated the process of managing and monitoring cloud Service Level Agreements (SLA) using semantic web technologies like OWL, RDF and SPARQL. In this paper, we describe in detail the cloud SLA ontology and the prototype that we have developed to illustrate how the SLA measures can be automatically extracted from legal Terms of Service that are available on cloud provider websites.

Type: InProceedings

Address: Tempe, AZ, USA

Organization: IEEE

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society

Tags: cloud computing, cloud sla, service level agreements, service contracts, automation, semantic web, semantic cloud service, cloud service

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