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Translating KL-One from interlisp to Franzlisp

Authors: Tim Finin

Book Title: Proceedings of the Second KL-One Workshop

Date: June 01, 1982

Abstract: We describe an effort to translate the Interlisp KL-ONE system into Franzlisp to enable it to be run on a VAX . This effort has involved Tim Finin, Richard Duncan and Hassan Ait-Kaci from the University of Pennsylvania, Judy Weiner from Temple University, Jane Barnett from Computer Corporation of America and Jim Schmolze from Bolt Beranek and Newman. The primary motivation for this project was to make a version of KL-ONE available on a PDP 1 1/780 VAX . A VAX Interlisp is not yet available, although one is being written and will soon be available . Currently, the only substantial Lisp for a Vax is the Berkeley FranzLisp system. As a secondary motivation, we are interested in making KL-ONE more available in general - on a variety of Lisp dialects and machines.

Type: InProceedings

Publisher: Bolt Beranek and Newman

Pages: 106-114

Tags: lisp, klone, kl-one, knowledge representation

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