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Wenjia Li

Primary Role:Ph.D. Alumnus

Graduation date: August 2011
New York Institute of Technology

Department: Computer Science
Room: EGGC 8th Fl, Rm 807
Street: 1855 Broadway
City: New York
State: NY
ZIP: 10023
Country: USA
Phone: 646-273-6016


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15 Refereed Publications


1. Wenjia Li et al., "SVM-CASE: An SVM-based Context Aware Security Framework for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks", InProceedings, 82nd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, September 2015, 544 downloads.


2. Wenjia Li et al., "CAST: Context-Aware Security and Trust framework for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks using Policies", Article, Distributed and Parallel Databases, June 2013, 881 downloads.


3. Wenjia Li et al., "Security Through Collaboration and Trust in MANETs", Article, Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET), June 2012.

4. Wenjia Li et al., "Managing and Securing Critical Infrastructure - A Semantic Policy and Trust Driven Approach", InBook, Handbook on Securing Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure: Foundations and Challenges, January 2012, 938 downloads.


5. Wenjia Li et al., "SAT: an SVM-based Automated Trust Management System for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 2011 Military Communications Conference, November 2011, 1226 downloads.

6. Varish Mulwad et al., "Extracting Information about Security Vulnerabilities from Web Text", InProceedings, Proceedings of the Web Intelligence for Information Security Workshop, August 2011, 2198 downloads.

7. Wenjia Li et al., "ATM: Automated Trust Management for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Using Support Vector Machine", InProceedings, 12th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2011), June 2011, 1107 downloads.

8. Wenjia Li et al., "CARE-CPS: Context-Aware tRust Evaluation for Wireless Networks in Cyber-Physical System Using Policies", InProceedings, Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, June 2011, 1336 downloads.


9. Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran et al., "Enforcing Secure and Robust Routing with Declarative Policies ", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 2010 Military Communications Conference, October 2010, 1228 downloads.

10. Wenjia Li et al., "Coping with Node Misbehaviors in Ad Hoc Networks: A Multi-Dimensional Trust Management Approach", InProceedings, The 11th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2010), May 2010, 2079 downloads.


11. Wenjia Li et al., "Policy-based Malicious Peer Detection in Ad Hoc Networks ", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Information Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (PASSAT 2009), August 2009, 1907 downloads.

12. Wenjia Li et al., "Outlier Detection in Ad Hoc Networks Using Dempster-Shafer Theory", InProceedings, 10th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2009), May 2009, 1389 downloads.


13. Wenjia Li et al., "Security through Collaboration in MANETs", InProceedings, Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing (CollaborateCom 2008), November 2008, 1656 downloads.


14. Patti Ordonez et al., "A Ubiquitous Context-Aware Environment for Surgical Training", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems, August 2007, 1825 downloads.

15. Xianshu Zhu et al., "A Prediction-Based Fair Replication Algorithm in Structured P2P Systems", InProceedings, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing, July 2007, 1162 downloads.


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Past Projects

 Context-Aware Surgical Training, Ph.D. Student.
 Platys: From Position to Place in Next Generation Networks, Ph.D. Alumnus.



  1. (Person) Wenjia Li is advised by (Person) Anupam Joshi.