Simulator to evaluate/prototype Local Area and Personal Area Wireless Network Protocols

December 1, 2001 - May 1, 2002

Rapid advances in wireless networks are making ubiquitous computing a reality. New standards (such as Bluetooth, HomeRF, etc.), products and, services are emerging rapidly. In such a dynamic environment, a comprehensive network simulator with good modeling/emulation capability would be an immensely useful tool to "prototype/test" new communication protocols and experiment interaction among existing protocols. The current efforts to build network simulator for Bluetooth PANs are limited by functionalities modeled. In this project we are enhancing Bluehoc, a Bluetooth extension to NS-2 released to simulate additional functionalities.

As a part of this project a common access point for Bluetooth, 802.11 and Wired LANs has been developed. Since Bluehoc currently does not support low power modes which is an important feature of Bluetooth devices, we are currently looking into issues related to simulating low power modes.On similar lines we are also investigating the dynamic nature of Bluetooth piconets and scatternets.

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  1. Anupam Joshi


  1. Dhananjay Phatak



  1. B. Bethala, A. Joshi, D. Phatak, S. Avancha, and T. Goff, "Design and Evaluation of a Common Access Point for Bluetooth, 802.11 and Wired LANs", InProceedings, Proc. International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, June 2002, 3212 downloads, 1 citation.

Research Areas

  1. Mobile Computing