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DReggie: Semantic Service Discovery Infrastructure

Status: Past project

Project Description:
Service discovery plays an important role for successful development and deployment of ubiquituous applications. To address the need, we have implemented DReggie by modifing Reggie - an implementation of the Jini specification by Sun Microsystems - to serve as a semantic service discovery infrastructure by utilizing DAML-encoded requests and matching.

Start Date: January 2001

End Date: December 2001

Principal Investigator:
Anupam Joshi

Dipanjan Chakraborty
Filip Perich


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2 Refereed Publications


1. Dipanjan Chakraborty et al., "An Agent Discovery Architecture Using Ronin and DReggie", InProceedings, First GSFC/JPL Workshop on Radical Agent Concepts (WRAC), January 2002, 3226 downloads.


2. Dipanjan Chakraborty et al., "DReggie: Semantic Service Discovery for M-Commerce Applications", InProceedings, Workshop on Reliable and Secure Applications in Mobile Environment, In Conjunction with 20th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS), October 2001, 5128 downloads.


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Research Areas:
 Context-Aware Computing
 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
 Mobile Computing
 Semantic Web
 Web services