Policy-based Automated WAN Configuration and Management

September 1, 2006 - June 1, 2007

There are many significant challenges related to configuration and management of wide-area networks due to their rapidly growing complexity, failures, and attacks. The DARPA Knowledge Plane Study identified that main challenges to be intelligent network management, fault detection, attack response, and fast network configuration. With uncertainty and threads of battle areas, these challenges further grow exponentially.

In order to overcome the challenges, the project aims at developing a domain-specific descriptive language that allows network administrators to specify configuration policies for their networks and networked devices at a high abstraction level. The project also aims at designing a cognitive, agent-based middleware capable of maintaining and verifying local and global cross-layer network configuration policies, enforcing policies, and monitoring and responding to aberrant behavior.

This project is lead by the Shared Spectrum Company.

agent, cross-layer, network management, networking, ontology, policy

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Principal Investigator

  1. Anupam Joshi
  2. Filip Perich

Adjunct Faculty

  1. Sethuram Balaji Kodeswaran