Indian Election 2009

August 1, 2008 - September 1, 2009

The project is available at This project is devoted to an analysis of the online articles, in the MSM and Social Media, about Indian Elections that will take place in 2009. We analyze the Vox Bloguli to see if it reflects Vox Populi, as far as Indian Elections 2009 are concerned. We also maintain a blog that identifies the issues, events, and personalities associated with the elections. We supplement this with an analysis of the information ecology in MSM and the (rather limited) Indian political blogosphere. Our program crawls websites and political blogs to identify the top topics, opinions and memes, looks for trends, and tries to spot new and emerging memes. We look at the sentiments expressed about candidates and issues in the websphere. We also try to identify partisan or ideological leanings of blogs and main stream media sites, and capture these in our sentiment and meme analysis.

blog, indian elections, sentiment analysis

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Affiliated Faculty

  1. Anupam Joshi


  1. Karuna Pande Joshi