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Status: Past project

Project Description:
Spire is a distributed, interdisciplinary research project exploring the use of semantic web technologies in support science in general and the field of ecoinformatics in particular. Spire has received funding from the National Science Foundation ITR program and additional funding is expected from several other government agencies.

Start Date: September 2003

End Date: September 2008

Susan Hoban
Anupam Joshi
Cynthia Parr

Affiliated Faculty:
Joel Sachs

Sandor Dornbush
Rong Pan
Andriy Parafiynyk
Pavan Reddivari

Tags: bioinformatics, ecoinformatics, owl, semantic web


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14. Swoogle-tutorial-1 (Jan 11), Presentation.

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Research Areas:
 Multi-Agent Systems
 Semantic Web



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