Context Aware Surgical Training Environment

Anupam Joshi, Sheetal Agarwal, Yelena Yesha, Tim Ganous, Patti Ordonez, and Paul Nagy

June 19, 2006

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healthcare, medical informatics, pervasive computing

As part of the University of Maryland Medical School’s Operating Room of the Future Project we are developing a prototype context aware surgical training environment (CAST). This facility will become part of the University of Maryland Surgical Simula-tion Training Center (SIMCenter) being built in Baltimore. The CAST system will be used to explore the role that an intelligent pervasive computing environment can play to enhance the training of surgery students, residents and specialists. The research will build on prior work on context aware “smart spaces” done at UMBC, leverage our ex-perience in working with RFID in the DARPA Trauma Pod program as well as in incor-porating Web-based infrastructure and software applications in academic and profes-sional development programs. The project will result in pilot system integrating one or two training resources available in the SimCenter into a context aware training environ-ment that can recognize the presence of a trainee and or mentor and take appropriate ac-tion based known training goals and parameters. The project will also evaluate the meth-ods for capturing and utilizing validated surgical training metrics in a pervasive comput-ing environment. This project will advance the knowledge of context aware training envi-ronments in a highly technical medical field and provide a basis for incorporating more advanced technology assisted learning experiences in medicine.



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