Blackbook3: A Graph Analytic Processing Platform For The Semantic Web

October 6, 2009

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linked data, owl, rdf, semantic web

Started in 2006, Blackbook3 is primarily an RDF middleware framework for integrating data and executing algorithms. Its purpose is to enable content providers and developers to focus on their unique problem, allowing Blackbook3 to handle the production-level, enterprise framing that is commonly duplicated. Security, web services, ingestion tools, visualizers,workflow, and analyst applications are provided as additional features. This talk will go into the current and future use cases for Blackbook3 and will cover some broader discussion about RDF applications in knowledge discovery and dissemination.

Blackbook3 is based on semantic web technologies - RDF, OWL, SPARQL and JENA. It is vocabulary agnostic. It relies on open standards and “best-of-breed” open source technologies: Lucene, JAAS, D2RQ and Hadoop/Map Reduce. Blackbook3 leverages cloud computing technologies: Hadoop/Map Reduce, HBase and Solr. Blackbook3 has a Plug-and-Play, loosely–coupled architecture; SOAP & REST interfaces; SPARQL & Linked Data endpoints. Blackbook3 can run in environments where high confidentiality is required.



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