Managing the Assured Information Sharing Lifecycle

Tim Finin

July 27, 2010


data mining, information assurance, information sharing, privacy preserving computing, privacy, security, semantic web

We live in the information age, a time when data and knowledge is plentiful and easily moved, processed and mined by machines. This has made it easier to discover knowledge and more efficiently manage our affairs but has raised concerns about information security, confidentiality, privacy and trust. Balancing these is particularly urgent today in organizations responsible for national defense, law enforcement, health care, emergency services and finance. The 9/11 Commission addressed this in their report and called for "a paradigm change from 'Need to Know' to 'Need to Share'". This talk describes a collaborative project addressing this problem comprised of researchers from UMBC, Purdue University, and the Universities of Illinois, Michigan, Texas at Dallas, and Texas at San Antonio under sponsorship of the Airforce Office of Scientific Research.


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