Proceedings of the First International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC)

A Tool For Mapping Concepts Between Two Ontologies

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We describe ongoing work that combines the recently emerging semantic markup language DAML+OIL (for ontology specification), the text-based classification technology (for similarity information collection), and Bayesian reasoning (for similarity synthesis and final mapping selection) to provide ontology mapping between two classification hierarchies. This work supports an interactive system used to semi-automatically build a mapping from one topic hierarchy to another. This system will be used as part of the ITTALKS system to allow multiple topic ontologies to be used to describe the subjects of talks and the interests of users. The ontology maps developed by our tools can then be used to recognize that a talk described by terms in one ontology might be of interest to a user who has described her interests using terms drawn from another.

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ontology, semantic web

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