Proceedings of the Third International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents & Multi Agent Systems (AAMAS 2004)

Intelligent Agents Meet Semantic Web in a Smart Meeting Room

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We describe a new smart meeting room system called EasyMeeting that explores the use of FIPA agent technologies, Semantic Web ontologies, logic reasoning, and security and privacy policies. Building on a pervasive computing system that we have developed previously, EasyMeeting can provide relevant services and information to meeting participants based on their situational needs. Our system exploits the context-aware support provided by the Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA). Central to CoBrA is an intelligent broker agent that maintains a shared model of context for all computing entities in the space and enforces the privacy policies defined by the users. We also describe the use of CoBrA ontologies, logic reasoning, and privacy protection mechanisms, and evaluate our initial user experience studies.

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agent, cobra, context-aware, ontology, pervasive computing, semantic web


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