Workshop on Radical Agent Concepts (WRAC): Innovative Concepts for Agent-Based Systems

Agents Making Sense of the Semantic Web

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Effective use of the vast quantity of available information and services on the Internet will require multi-agent systems to be tightly integrated with existing web infrastructure. This, however, will be impossible unless the information on the web is presented in a semantic language, such as the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML), which is one aim of the “Semantic Web”. As part of our exploration of Semantic Web technology, and DAML in particular, we have constructed ITTALKS, a web-based system for automatic and intelligent notification of information technology talks. In this paper, we describe the ITTALKS system and discuss the numerous ways in which the use of Semantic Web concepts and DAML extend its ability to provide an intelligent online service to both the human community and, more interestingly, the agents assisting them.

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agent communication language, agent, multiagent system service discovery, semantic web, user agent



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