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HLTCOE Approaches to Knowledge Base Population at TAC 2009

Authors: Paul McNamee, Mark Dredze, Adam Gerber, Nikesh Garera, Tim Finin, James Mayfield, Christine Piatko, Delip Rao, David Yarowsky, and Markus Dreyer

Book Title: Proceedings of the 2009 Text Analysis Conference

Date: November 01, 2009

Abstract: The HLTCOE participated in the entity linking and slot filling tasks at TAC 2009. A machine learning-based approach to entity linking, operating over a wide range of feature types, yielded good performance on the entity linking task. Slot-filling based on sentence selection, application of weak patterns and exploitation of redundancy was ineffective in the slot filling task.

Type: InProceedings

Publisher: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Tags: natural language processing, information extraction, knowledge base, natural language processing

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