Proceedings of the first International IBM Cloud Academy Conference (ICA CON 2012)

Policy based Cloud Services on a VCL platform

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Managing and delivering virtualized cloud based services is an open challenge. Current research is focused on specific parts like service discovery; composition etc. and there is no holistic view of what would constitute a lifecycle of virtualized services delivered on a cloud environment. We have developed a policy-based integrated framework for automating acquisition and consumption of Cloud services. This framework divides the cloud service lifecycle into five phases of requirements, discovery, negotiation, composition, and consumption. We have also developed a tool to automatically discover, negotiate and consume services from the cloud for a specific use case described by NIST around storage services. It is built upon the service lifecycle ontology that we have developed. We have built the tool using Semantic Web technologies like SPARQL, RDF and OWL to represent and reason about services and service requirements. This paper describes our methodology and the tool we have developed as well as its implementation on VCL platform.

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cloud computing, cloud service, semantics



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