Proceedings of the Annual Service Research and Innovation Institute Global Conference

A Policy-based Approach to Smart Cloud Services

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Virtualized service models are now emerging and redefining the way information technology is delivered. Managing these services efficiently over the cloud is an open challenge. We are developing a policy-based integrated framework for automating acquisition and consumption of Cloud services. We have developed a tool, Smart Cloud Services tool, to automatically discover, negotiate and consume services from the cloud for a specific use case described by NIST around storage services. This tool incorporates NIST specific definitions for cloud services. The tool makes use of Semantic Web technologies including SPARQL, RDF and OWL to represent and reason about services and service requirements. It is built upon the service lifecycle ontology that we have developed. In this paper, we describe this Smart Cloud Services tool in detail along with the technical challenges we faced in developing it and identify limitations in the current open source cloud computing software.

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cloud computing, negotiation, policy, semantic web


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