Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA)

September 1, 2002 - October 1, 2005

Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA) is an agent based architecture for supporting context-aware systems in smart spaces (e.g., intelligent meeting rooms, smart homes, and smart vehicles). Central to this architecture is an intelligent agent called context broker that maintains a shared model of context on the behalf of a community of agents, services, and devices in the space and provides privacy protections for the users in the space by enforcing the policy rules that they define.

context, ontology, pervasive computing, semantic web

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Principal Investigator

  1. Harry Chen, Part of his PhD disseration research



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  1. (Project) Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA) has developer (Person) Harry Chen.
  2. (Project) Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA) has principal investigator (Person) Harry Chen