UMBC ebiquity

The UMBC eBiquity Research Group is grateful to the organiations and groups that sponsor our research and activities through research contracts, grants, gifts and services. We would like to acknowledge this important support here.

15 January 2008. is hosting svn repositores for some of our projects that involve multiple institutions. Our ebiquity research group isn't large enough to have profesional staff so we realy on our faculty and students to keep maintain our infrastructure. It really helps to be able to outsource some critical components to a specialist company, especially one that offers such good service.

December 2007. We were very happy to learn that Microsoft has selected us to receive a gift under their External Research and University Relations program. The gift will be used to support ongoing research on extracting, analying and understanding information from social media systems.

September 2008. With support and collaboration from IBM, UMBC has established the UMBC Multicore Computing Center to investigate applications of new parallel processing technologies, including the Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba. The new UMBC MC2 will be a supercomputing facility available to the entire UMBC campus as well as some external collaborators. It will managed by ebiquity faculty Milton Halem (Director) and Yelena Yesha (Associate Director). In the ebiquity lab, we plan on exploring how to exploit cell processors to dramatically speed up processing for scientific computing, processing semantic web data, analyzing social networks and text and data mining.