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Our labs are located on the third floor of the UMBC Information Technology and Engineering (ITE) building. Most of our graduate students have a desk in one of the labs. A few of the most senior ones have an office. Some of our servers are located on the second floor and in the main machine room of the ECS building.

Phone numbers

What Room number Phone number
ebiquity lab ITE 332410-455-????
lait lab ITE 377410-455-????
inner sanctum ITE 338410-455-????
list lab ITE 368410-455-????
Tim Finin ITE 329410-455-3522
Anupam Joshi ITE 328410-455-????
Yelena Yesha ITE 335410-455-????
Yun Peng ITE 331410-455-????
CSEE office ITE 325410-455-3500

Maps, floor plans and directions

  • Here's a floor plan of the ITE third floor showing our offices and labs.
  • Here's a map showing how to get to UMBC and some key UMBC locations.
  • Here's another page with directions.