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5 Refereed Publications


1. "CADET: Computer Assisted Discovery Extraction and Translation", 8th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (System Demonstrations), November 2017, 84 downloads.

2. "Participation in TAC KBP 2017: Cold Start TEDL and Low-resource EDL", Proceedings of the 2017 Text Analysis Workshop, November 2017, 27 downloads.

3. "Cleaning Noisy Knowledge Graphs", Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium at the 16th International Semantic Web Conference, October 2017, 80 downloads.

4. "Generating Digital Twin models using Knowledge Graphs for Industrial Production Lines", Workshop on Industrial Knowledge Graphs, co-located with the 9th International ACM Web Science Conference 2017, June 2017, 407 downloads.


5. "Inferring Relations in Knowledge Graphs with Tensor Decompositions", IEEE International Conference on Big Data , December 2016, 538 downloads.


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