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Multi-agent systems (MAS) is an approach to building loosely coupled distributed systems in which components are thought of or modeled as autonomous, self interested, intelligent agents. The field is partly a target goal and partly a collection of techniques and technologies aimed at moving us toward that goal.


Past Projects

 A Personal Agent Application for the Semantic Web.
 Agent Oriented Approaches to a Ubiquitous Grid.
 An Agent Based Distributed Computing System using XReggie and Ronin.
 Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA).
 Dynamic Negotiation Agents in Mobile Computing.
 Enabling Peer-to-Peer Resource Discovery in Agent Environment.
 MagicWeaver: An Agent Based Simulation Framework For Wireless Sensor Networks.
 Mobile Peer-to-Peer Traffic Monitoring.
 Policy-based Automated WAN Configuration and Management.
 Rei : A Policy Specification Language.
 Ronin Agent Framework.
 Vigil / Secure Centaurus.

Suggestions for Future Projects

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