UMBC ebiquity


Past Projects

 Agent Oriented Approaches to a Ubiquitous Grid.
 Allia: Alliance-based Service Discovery.
 Anamika: Distributed Service Discovery and Composition for Pervasive Environments.
 ArRf - Activity Recognition with RF.
 Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA).
 Disconnected Web Browsing.
 DReggie: Semantic Service Discovery Infrastructure.
 Dynamic Negotiation Agents in Mobile Computing.
 MagicWeaver: An Agent Based Simulation Framework For Wireless Sensor Networks.
 mNote: Anywhere, Anytime Classroom.
 Mobile Peer-to-Peer Traffic Monitoring.
 MoGATU: Data Management in Pervasive Computing Environments.
 MOWSER: Wireless Web Access.
 Numi: Using Collaborative Agents to Enrich Service Environments.
 Platys: From Position to Place in Next Generation Networks.
 Semantic Service Discovery in Bluetooth.
 Simulator to evaluate/prototype Local Area and Personal Area Wireless Network Protocols.
 Vigil / Secure Centaurus.