RDF123 linux application v1.0 (With Java VM self-contained)

Lushan Han

August 7, 2007

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rdf, rdf123, semantic web

RDF123 is an application and web service for converting data in simple spreadsheets to an RDF graph. The spreadsheets must consist of a single table with or without header rows. Users control how the spreadsheet's data is converted to RDF by constructing a graphical RDF123 template that specifies how each row in the spreadsheet is converted as well as metadata for the spreadsheet and its RDF translation. The template can map a spreadsheet cell to a new RDF node or to a literal value. Labels on the nodes in the map can be used to create blank nodes or labeled nodes, attach a XSD datatype, and invoke simple functions (e.g., string concatenation). The graph produced for the spreadsheet is the union of the sub-graphs created for each row. The template itself is stored as a valid RDF document encouraging reuse and extensibility.

The software is available in four ersions:

The RDF123 Google Group serves as a mailing list and discussion forum. The development of RDF123 was supported by NSF Award 0326460, ITR: Science on the Semantic Web -- Prototypes in Bioinformatics.



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