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Past Projects

 IDE for Rei Policy Language.
 Rei : A Policy Specification Language.


9 Refereed Publications


1. "Modeling Conversation Policies using Permissions and Obligations", Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, April 2007, 2154 downloads.


2. "Security and Privacy Challenges in Open and Dynamic Environments ", Computer, June 2006, 2370 downloads.


3. "Rule-based and Ontology-based Policies: Toward a Hybrid Approach to Control Agents in Pervasive Environments ", Proceedings of the Semantic Web and Policy Workshop, November 2005, 2172 downloads, 29 citations.

4. "Enhancing Web Privacy Protection through Declarative Policies", Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Policy for Distributed Systems and Networks(POLICY 2005), June 2005, 6557 downloads, 27 citations.

5. "Policy-based Access Control for Task Computing Using Rei ", Proceedings of the Policy Management for the Web Workshop, May 2005, 2458 downloads, 15 citations.

6. "Modeling Communicative Behavior using Permissions and Obligations", Developments in Agent Communication, Eds. Frank Dignum, Rogier van Eijk, Marc-Philippe Huget, January 2005, 2681 downloads, 14 citations.


7. "Security for DAML Web Services: Annotation and Matchmaking", Second International Semantic Web Conference , September 2003, 3603 downloads, 125 citations.

8. "A Policy Based Approach to Security for the Semantic Web", 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003), September 2003, 10258 downloads, 218 citations.

9. "A Policy Language for A Pervasive Computing Environment", IEEE 4th International Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, June 2003, 4322 downloads, 341 citations.

1 Non-Refereed Publication


1. "Rei : A Policy Language for the Me-Centric Project", HP Labs, September 2002, 3428 downloads.

Additional Resources


1. Computational Policies in a Need to Share Environment

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