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 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Past Projects

 Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA).
 Intrusion Detection.
 MoGATU: Data Management in Pervasive Computing Environments.
 Policy-based Automated WAN Configuration and Management.
 Text Mining Approach to Ontology Enrichment.

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46 Refereed Publications


1. "A Semantically Rich Cognitive Search Assistant For Clinical Notes", UMBC, April 2017, 92 downloads.


2. "Managing Cloud Storage Obliviously", International Conference on Cloud Computing, June 2016, 731 downloads.

3. "An Ontology for a HIPAA compliant cloud service", 4th International IBM Cloud Academy Conference ICACON 2016, June 2016, 700 downloads.


4. "The GeoLink Modular Oceanography Ontology", 14th International Semantic Web Conference, October 2015, 332 downloads.

5. "Building a Mobile Applications Knowledge Base for the Linked Data Cloud", 1st International Workshop on Mobile Deployment of Semantic Technologies (MoDeST 2015), co-located with the 14th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2015), Bethlehem, PA (USA), October 2015, 514 downloads.

6. "Querying RDF Data with Text Annotated Graphs", Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, June 2015, 933 downloads.


7. "Schema Free Querying of Semantic Data", University of Maryland, Baltimore County, August 2014, 690 downloads.

8. "Automating Cloud Services Lifecycle through Semantic technologies", IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, January 2014, 1388 downloads.


9. "Extracting cybersecurity related linked data from text", Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, September 2013, 1160 downloads.

10. "Linked Data for Software Security Concepts and Vulnerability Descriptions", University of Maryland Baltimore County, July 2013, 966 downloads.

11. "Improving Word Similarity by Augmenting PMI with Estimates of Word Polysemy", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), June 2013, 1746 downloads.


12. "A Knowledge-Based Approach To Intrusion Detection Modeling", Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Semantic Computing and Security, May 2012, 1593 downloads.

13. "Opaque Attribute Alignment", Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Data Engineering Meets the Semantic Web, April 2012, 751 downloads.


14. "Finding Semantic Web Ontology Terms from Words", Proceedings of the Eigth International Semantic Web Conference, October 2009, 1667 downloads, 3 citations.


15. "Wikipedia as an Ontology for Describing Documents", Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, March 2008, 8151 downloads, 34 citations.


16. "Adding Semantics to Social Websites for Citizen Science", Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic e-Science (AAAI 07), June 2007, 4772 downloads, 3 citations.


17. "Security and Privacy Challenges in Open and Dynamic Environments ", Computer, June 2006, 2370 downloads.

18. "Enhancing Semantic Web Data Access", University of Maryland, Baltimore County, April 2006, 5786 downloads, 8 citations.


19. "BayesOWL: A Probabilistic Framework for Semantic Web", University of Maryland, Baltimore County, December 2005, 6991 downloads, 10 citations.

20. "A Bayesian Network Approach to Ontology Mapping", Proceedings of the Fourth International Semantic Web Conference, November 2005, 3686 downloads, 91 citations.

21. "BayesOWL: Uncertainty Modeling in Semantic Web Ontologies", Soft Computing in Ontologies and Semantic Web, October 2005, 2607 downloads, 48 citations.

22. "Using Ontologies in the Semantic Web: A Survey", Ontologies in the Context of Information Systems, October 2005, 7165 downloads, 36 citations.

23. "A Holistic Approach to Secure Sensor Networks", UMBC, August 2005, 2616 downloads.

24. "A Bayesian Methodology towards Automatic Ontology Mapping", Proceedings of the AAAI-05 C&O Workshop on Contexts and Ontologies: Theory, Practice and Applications, July 2005, 4424 downloads, 20 citations.

25. "The SOUPA Ontology for Pervasive Computing", Ontologies for Agents: Theory and Experiences, July 2005, 5031 downloads, 70 citations.

26. "Applying Ontologies and Semantic Web technologies to Environmental Sciences and Engineering", University of Maryland, Baltimore County, May 2005, 12652 downloads, 1 citation.


27. "A Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty Modeling in OWL Ontology", Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems - Theory and Applications, November 2004, 3276 downloads, 2 citations.

28. "Intelligent Agents Meet Semantic Web in a Smart Meeting Room", Proceedings of the Third International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents & Multi Agent Systems (AAMAS 2004), July 2004, 4869 downloads, 81 citations.

29. "Mining Domain Specific Texts and Glossaries to Evaluate and Enrich Domain Ontologies", International Conference of Information and Knowledge Engineering, June 2004, 7317 downloads, 24 citations.

30. "Ontology based Semantic Metadata for GeoScience Data", Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering, June 2004, 4630 downloads, 1 citation.

31. "An Ontology for Context-Aware Pervasive Computing Environments", Special Issue on Ontologies for Distributed Systems, Knowledge Engineering Review, May 2004, 6890 downloads, 614 citations.

32. "The SOUPA Ontology for Pervasive Computing", Ontologies for agents: Theory and experiences, April 2004, 952 downloads, 70 citations.


33. "An Intelligent Broker for Context-Aware Systems", Adjunct Proceedings of Ubicomp 2003, October 2003, 3352 downloads, 3 citations.

34. "Semantic Web in a Pervasive Context-Aware Architecture", Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Mobile System, 5th Annual Conf. on Ubiquitous Computing, October 2003, 7036 downloads, 65 citations.

35. "Modeling Computer Attacks: An Ontology for Intrusion Detection", The Sixth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection, September 2003, 3387 downloads, 19 citations.

36. "An Ontology for Context-Aware Pervasive Computing Environments", Workshop on Ontologies and Distributed Systems, August 2003, 5906 downloads, 614 citations.

37. "A Target-Centric Ontology for Intrusion Detection", Workshop on Ontologies in Distributed Systems, held at The 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, July 2003, 807 downloads, 50 citations.

38. "Using OWL in a Pervasive Computing Broker", Workshop on Ontologies in Agent Systems, AAMAS-2003, July 2003, 2680 downloads, 99 citations.

39. "Proceedings of the Workshop on Ontologies in Agent Systems (OAS'03", CEUR Publications, July 2003, 2665 downloads.


40. "Using Explicit Information To Map Between Two Ontologies", AAMAS 2002 Workshop on Ontologies and Agent Systems, July 2002, 2614 downloads, 19 citations.

41. "Introduction to the special issue on ontologies in agent systems", Knowledge Engineering Review, March 2002, 281 downloads.


42. "Yahoo as an Ontology - using Yahoo categories to describe documents", ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'99), November 1999, 3899 downloads, 152 citations.


43. "The DARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort: Progress Report", Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Principles Of Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, August 1992, 1824 downloads, 301 citations.


44. "Enabling Technology for Knowledge Sharing", AI Magazine, August 1991, 1240 downloads, 1202 citations.


45. "The Intelligent Database Interface: Integrating AI and database systems", Proceedings of the 1990 National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, August 1990, 2908 downloads, 54 citations.


46. "Interactive classification: A technique for acquiring and maintaining knowledge bases", Proceedings of the IEEE, October 1986, 1706 downloads, 19 citations.

7 Non-Refereed Publications


1. "Supporting Situationally Aware Cybersecurity Systems", University of Maryland Baltimore County, September 2015, 733 downloads.


2. "Finding Appropriate Semantic Web Ontology Terms from Words", , May 2009, 1759 downloads.


3. "ETHAN: the Evolutionary Trees and Natural History Ontology", University of Maryland, Baltimore County, November 2006, 3758 downloads, 1 citation.


4. "Using Ontologies in the Semantic Web: A Survey", TR-CS-05-07, July 2005, 6987 downloads.


5. "A Pervasive Computing Ontology for User Privacy Protection in the Context Broker Architecture", University of Maryland, Baltimore County, July 2004, 3959 downloads.

6. "Weaving the Web of Belief into the Semantic Web", submitted to WWW2004, May 2004, 6480 downloads.


7. "An Intelligent Broker Architecture for Context-Aware Systems", PhD Dissertation Proposal, December 2002, 8710 downloads.

Additional Resources


1. A Proposal for Pervasive Computing Standard Ontology


1. A Schema-Based Approach Combined with Inter-Ontology Reasoning to Construct Consensus Ontologies
2. An Intelligent Broker for Pervasive Context-Aware Systems


1. BGP Network Ontology

Web Site

1. CoBrA


1. Context Ontology
2. Material Science Ontology - Calphad

Web Site



1. Ontology for Cloud Services SLA (Service Level Agreement)
2. Ontology for Services on the Cloud
3. Rei Ontology Specifications, Ver 2.0

Web Site

1. Semantic Web in UbiComp SIG


1. Semantically-Linked Bayesian Networks


1. Sensor Node Ontology


1. situational awareness for cybersecurity
2. Text Based Similarity Metrics and Delta for Semantic Web Graphs


1. VCL Image ontology


1. Wikipedia as an ontology


1. WIkipedia as an ontology
2. Wikitology: Wikipedia as an ontology

1. Wikitology: A Novel Hybrid Knowledge Base Derived from Wikipedia
    on Monday, July 19, 2010 from 09:00AM to 11:00AM.

2. A Schema-Based Approach Combined with Inter-Ontology Reasoning to Construct Consensus Ontologies
    on Monday, November 09, 2009 from 10:30AM to 11:00AM.

3. Data Integration Using Correlated Concepts
    on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 from 10:15AM to 11:30AM.

4. Wikitology: Wikipedia as an ontology
    on Thursday, August 28, 2008 from 02:00PM to 03:30PM.

5. Wikipedia as an ontology for describing documents
    on Monday, October 29, 2007 from 11:30AM to 01:00PM.

6. Semantically-Linked Bayesian Networks: A Framework for Probabilistic Inference Over Multiple Bayesian Networks
    on Wednesday, August 02, 2006 from 01:00PM to 03:00PM.

7. Using Information Extraction to Automatically Generate Probabilistic Ontologies
    on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 from 12:00PM to 02:00PM.

8. PhD proposal: On Boosting Semantic Web Data Access
    on Wednesday, January 19, 2005 from 03:00PM.

9. My Experience in Building Ontology-driven Applications
    on Monday, February 09, 2004 from 11:00AM to 12:00PM.


1. ontology for the intelligence community, starts on November 30, 2006.


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